A couple of public hearings are upcoming in Malibu to air the question whether council elections should be changed from citywide to district: cue the cliché of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Actually, a more accurate adage would not be Malibu as a doomed ocean liner, but a leaky tug boat maneuvered by an overpaid, underachieving city manager, and servile crew, hauling an overloaded barge of mostly inept bureaucrats and unctuous consultants.

One wonders what this self serving gaggle really does besides put out labored press releases to a maladroit local media, while coddling select self serving, self aggrandizing city council members, though well intentioned a few might have been when elected or anointed.

However its council is structured, what the municipal conceit and construct of Malibu really needs sooner rather than later is an investigation of uncompromising, oversight by the State Comptroller or an independent task force, hopefully resulting in recommendations for a more responsible, responsive self government.

For that to happen and not be corrupted, the present city council must snap out of its stupor, however promulgated by the city manager, assert itself, and show Reva Feldman the door.  This should have been done immediately following her failures during the disastrous Woolsey Fire and fumbling the ReBuild, followed by a host of other mismanagements. But better late than never.

If not, by this council or the next, or I fear Malibu will just continue to be compromised by special interests catered to by a willfully ignorant City Hall.

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