For those of us who have longed loved Malibu, the local government remains a major disappointment, our under achieving neophyte neighbors being manipulated by an unapologetic city missmanager, and a bloated bureaucracy and consultancies.

We have become know by those with any real governmental experience as “chump city.” The only thing that makes me more disappointed is our loutish leadership in Washington DC. But I hope that will change, and I like to think I did my part today.

It was hard choice, indeed the hardest since I cast an (underage) vote for Henry Wallace the progressive presidential candidate in ’48 rather than Harry Truman, (and later apologized to him for that when walking with him in NYC on assignment from the NYTimes . He was staying at the Waldorf visiting his daughter who not incidentally was married to Clifton Daniels of the Times.)

Didnt want to make the same mistake with Bernie, who was saying alot that I am thinking (as was the woeful Elizabeth) but in a voice that reminded me too much of the obnoxious dogmatic kid that sat behind me in PS 238 Brooklyn. The shrill haranguing gave me a headache. I think it WAS Bernie, but he was still a few grades behind me.

Lots of talk, but I think Joe will get the job done, number one being putting Donny (as he was known to us and other later in Jamaica Estates, Queens) out of office and penniless into jail. You got my reluctant vote Biden, and the ball, Don’t fuckin’ fumble it!! Can’t wait to cast my ballot in November, for a new administration nationally and locally!

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